About Us

Matthew Biscuit Bellies

My name is Matthew. I am a dog lover and founder of Biscuit Bellies. I want to make the world a better place for our four-legged furry friends and their owners. This is why I create Biscuit Bellies, a healthy way your dog can help reduce food waste to save our planet.

I began baking treats ten years ago for my dog, who had severe allergies. I became more environmentally conscious as I learned about the food waste epidemic in this country. I decided to start upcycling by taking restaurant food and creating something new. Now, I regularly craft new dog treat recipes that are healthy and tasty for your pet from quality food gathered from my favorite restaurants and grocery stores.

What I like most about our treats: They are 100% natural, hand-crafted dog biscuits that are a terrific reward or training aid for your paw-tner.


Ru Dog Biscuit Bellies

Quality Control Manager  
My name is Ru. I am a rescued shelter dog who loves belly rubs, treats, and long naps in the sun. I supervise the kitchen where Biscuit Bellies treats are baked fresh for each order. Quality is my key concern. I make sure to sample a treat from each batch to ensure that the biscuits are of the highest quality from the best restaurants and stores.

What I like most about our treats: They taste fantastic and give me lots of energy for the dog park.